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Oslo Museum

Norvegiska Romá - Norwegian Gypsies

One people – many voices

Norske sigøynere 1971 (Foto: Arbeiderbevegelsens arkiv og bibliotek)

The exhibition offers glimpses of Norwegian Gypsies’ tradition, culture and life in contemporary Norway. The display includes interactive films, photos, interviews and other sources. 

The exhibition builds on a documentation-project conducted by the Intercultural Museum since 2010, in collaboration with the Norwegian Gypsy community. 

1000 years ago the first Gypsies started to emigrate from India. Since then, the Gypsies have been exposed to persecution. The Norwegian Gypsies’ ancestors arrived around 1860. In 1927, Norway passed a law with a special clause forbidding Gypsies to enter the country. The so called “Gypsy-paragraph” was removed from the Norwegian Act in 1956, and in 1999 the Norwegian authorities recognized Romá (Gypsies) as one of the five national minorities. 

So far, Gypsies have received little attention from museums. With the exhibition “Norvegiska Romá - Norwegian Gypsies”, the Intercultural Museum hopes to remedy this situation and let the Norwegian Gypsies tell their stories.

The exhibition has received generous support from the Arts Council Norway.

What:  The exhibition "Norwegian Romá - Norwegian Gypsies"
When: Tuesday - Sunday 11 - 16 
Where: Intercultural Museum

Until February 12th 2016

Norwegian Romá - Norwegian Gypsies Film: Back / Oslo Museum